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  • NOTICE OF AVAILABILITY: Draft Environmental Impact Report/ Environmental Impact Statement for the Otay Mesa Conveyance and Disinfection System Project

    Ver EIR/EIS Resumen Ejecutivo en español DATE: May 12, 2016 TO: State Clearinghouse; Responsible, Trustee, and Other Jurisdictional Agencies; and Other Interested Organizations/Individuals CEQA LEAD AGENCY: Otay Water District, 2554 Sweetwater Springs Boulevard, Spring Valley, California 91978-2004 NEPA LEAD AGENCY: U.S. Department of State, 2201 C Street, N.W. Washington, DC 20520 This is to inform......

  • Irrigation Permitted up to Three Days per Week

    Otay Water District has lifted the two day per week limit on landscape irrigation. Landscape irrigation is permitted up to three days per week, and up to 15 minutes per irrigation station. This also applies when watering with a hose. When watering by hand, an automatic......

  • Otay Saves Customers $5.6M Through Refinancing

    The Otay Water District is pleased to announce that it has successfully refinanced the District’s 2007 Certificates of Participation (COPs), saving District customers $5.6 million. In 2007, the District issued $42 million in COPs to construct reservoirs, pump stations, and pipelines. The outstanding principal on......

  • NOTICE: 2015 Urban Water Management Plan Preparation

    California State law requires the Otay Water District to update their Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) every five years and adopt an updated UWMP by July 1, 2016.  The UWMP is required to contain a detailed evaluation of the supplies necessary to reliably meet demands......

  • Lead Concerns in the Public Water Supply

    Lead in the water supply in Flint, Michigan has been in the news and is the subject of recent Congressional hearings. You might be wondering, “Could what happened in Flint happen in the Otay Water District? What Happened – In Flint, there are an estimated......


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